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Fruit Lab juice bottle

structural packaging design

Client: Fruity King/OD Design

Period: 2008

Fruit Lab is a new brand by Fruity King that introduced five fresh fruit juices and two fresh fruit smoothies in The Netherlands and Belgium. The products come in a sleeved and unique 'erlenmeyer' shaped bottle that enforces the brand positioning. Brand and packaging design was executed by OD Brand and Packaging Design. WAACS contributed a great deal in the technical development and final design of the signature bottle and helped it get to the market.

Since it's introduction spring 2008 Fruit Lab already sold 2.754.500 Valencia oranges, 1.960.000 Senga Sengana strawberries, 4.620.000 Zeeland black currants, 384.000 Willamette raspberries, 416.000 Cranberries, 189.000 Ruby Red grapefruits, 3.875 Alphonso Mangos, 15.500 passion fruits, 304.500 Hayward kiwis and 165.000 apples - being the equivalent of 1 million bottles.

hayward kiwi

ruby red grapefruit

zeeland's blackcurrant



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