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WAACS rules #14 Every book is judged by its cover.
WAACS rules #33 Get the full picture
PUSH medical braces
Fruit Lab juice bottle
PUSH packaging
Karvan CÚvitam Shaped Can
Medisana TargetScale UI
Microsoft Windows Vista user experience
Infracentrum RandstadRail

WAACS and FERM featured in DUDE
An interview with WAACS' creative director Marcel Jansen and Carel Daams, the COO of FERM is featured in Dude, the Dutch Designers magazine published by BNO July 2014. Read the interview here.

Interview with Marcel Jansen in FONK No.129
Two weeks ago Bart Remmers of Fonk Magazine - about marketing, media and communication - interviewed our creative director Marcel Jansen. They talked about FERM Power tools, China, the Senseo legacy and RED Dot awards. You can read the full article here.

Dutch Design: Powertools van FERM
Read the full story here



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